What we do

Every day we go to work determined to accomplish two things: create awesome software and make the world a little better.

Android Apps

We develop quality, custom Android applications from idea to production, including design and prototyping.

Mobile Games

Combining our creativity with the cross-platform game engines like Unity, translates into a great product every time.

Web Development

Either with custom WordPress design or the HTML-CSS-JavaScript stack, we'll create the perfect website for each project.

About Logico

Logico was born from a team’s passion and collective creative vision of a world made better through technology.

With a mission to design quality custom software, our process of building applications includes identifying a need, designing the program, and testing it for issues.

At Logico, our main objective is to create functional, reliable and appealing software that is accessible to all. That motivation is evident in all our work.

Check out the newest project we’ve been working on below.

LogiFX Currency Converter

"The Blog"

A safe place for opinions and viewpoints about all things tech.

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